Voter Registration


Check If You're Registered

Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Finding out is fast and easy, and registering to vote is just as simple.


Visit HeadCount to verify your registration status.


If you are registered, great! Set a reminder and use our resources to make sure you have everything you need on Election Day.


Register to Vote

Haven’t registered to vote yet? Don’t worry! There's still time to register and make sure your voice is heard in the 2018 elections. Registration takes only a few minutes and empowers you to have a say in how your town, your state, and your country are run.

Go to and select your current state of residence.

(If you’re attending school or are a deployed member of the military, select the state where you have a permanent address.)


Follow the instructions provided to register in your state—and make sure to sign up for an Election Reminder!


If you will be outside of your home state on Election Day, look here for instructions to send in an absentee ballot in your state.


If you’re not sure where to vote, find your nearest polling place here!